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Seven Crows Album2014: Seven Crows (studio)
My first studio album,Seven Crows is a warm, introspective collection of eleven original songs, exploring the mysteries of love, the blessings of friendship, and the fragile magic of the natural world around us. Accompanied by Ted Garber on harmonica, and neighbor Kathleen Lacock on harmony vocals.
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Soft Green Grass2004: Soft Green Grass (home-recorded)
In the spring of 2003, I landed in the hospital for a couple of weeks following a serious injury. Fortunately, the dark cloud this time did have a silver lining, for the enforced time away from my daily routines, and the support that came to me from family and friends, seemed to stir many long forgotten memories, and provided a fresh perspective on the current and past events of my life. One result of it all was this collection of songs, some of which came to me in the middle of the night, others while driving down the highway, thinking about the government. There are songs here of love, of friendship and of loss, and reflections upon the political mess in which we currently find ourselves.
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